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i.scope Digital archive

A very advanced solution for digital archiving, integrated with RFID system and Microfilm archive device, consist of:

  • Scanning: Advanced scanning processes that contains optical character recognition and automatic classification and recognition of indexes, based on EMC Captiva
  • IRM Protection: Each document is protected by EMC Information Rights Management due to clearly defined permissions. Document is protected (encrypted) even if it is distributed on other location. Audit module enables logging of every action performed on protected document
  • Full-text Search: Documents can easily be found by each word contained in document content.
  • Digital archive: Documents are safely stored in the EMC Documentum repository and cannot be unintentionally deleted according to retention policy.
  • Microfilming: Microfilm Connector is an integrated solution for input management, transactional content management and microfilmed content on archive tapes. This Connector integrates EMC Documentum repository and Microfilm archive device, enabling end users to export content from repository to microfilm device simultaneously.
  • RFID Integration: Our system is integrated with Radio Frequency Identification Technology (wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects)